Creating Knowledge VII – Lund, Sweden, 14.-16. august 2013

Inger_Lund The conference Creating Knowledge VII  was held between 14th and 16th of  August in Lund in Sweden.

The conference highlighted information literacy and its role in the transformation of the learning process. It aimed to demonstrate how cross-professional collaboration in higher education leads to a win-win situation for all collaborators.

The University Library of Stavanger were represented by two speakers: Anne Beth Våga and Inger Gåsemyr. The very first day of the conference they presented their roundtable session «Developing library e-learning courses – how to make a fruitful collaboration?» About 32 colleagues attended and they got a short presentation of the three e-learning courses developed by the library and an overview of how the library and the department for web-based education at the university worked to realize the courses. Afterwards the participants worked together in small groups and discussed key matters from the presentation. Each group made summaries and they are published below.

Read the presentation here; Creating KnowledgeVII_Gasemyr_Vaga

Read the summery from the roundtable discussions here; Roundtable discussions

Powerpoint presentation; Lund_CK 2013

The University Library of Stavanger’s E-learning course in English: Writing thesis, using sources



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    Så bra 🙂 Gratulerer igjen!

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